Hello and welcome to Wild World Community! 

My name is Håvard Rosenlund, and I am the creator of Wild World Community. I am a Norwegian biologist, with a background in conservation research on large mammals in Tanzania and South Africa. For many years I wanted a platform that connected anyone with a passion for wildlife and conservation, a place that would make it easier to connect and work together across borders, and where anyone interested could get to know the work that is being done worldwide and take part in it themselves. When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for I decided to make it myself, and you are now looking at the result.

I now have a full-time job as a science teacher, and all the work I do on this community is done in my free time. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this project, and get no financial return from it. At least not yet. As this has been a one-man project for the last few years, it has taken time to get everything in place, and it will continue to take time adding everything I want to add. For updates on what I do, and what I plan to have done, you can have a look here. You are welcome to come with suggestions, but bear in mind that everything on that list is priority and it will probably be a while before I can get on to add other features (unless they are critical).

I need your help

First of all, never hesitate to give me feedback and ask questions about anything and everything. A contact box is with you at all times down in the right hand corner of the page. I am always looking to improve the website (at least within the means of my budget), so please share your thoughts with me.

Because of my full-time job and my focus on getting everything I want included in the community I haven’t spent too much time actually getting the word out. I do bits and pieces now and then, but it is not nearly enough. This is an area where I could definitely need some assistance. The simple thing I need from you here is to spread the word. If you like the idea and you feel Wild World Community definitely deserves a chance, then please go out and tell people about it!

What keeps people around and initially lures people in, however, is of course content. Without content there just isn’t much to see around here. As this is a community based website, the ones who provide the content will be the members themselves. There are plenty of things do, and what you decide to do is of course up to yourself. If you want to use it as a Facebook for wildlife, then you can do just that. Add updates, share photos, articles and experiences in the activity feed. And no, I do not steal your information and track whatever you do. This is a simple social network, and what you see is what you get.

There are of course more things to do here. A list of features can be found on the homepage, and you are free to explore them and use them as you like. You can write your own articles and blog posts, create portfolios of your photographs, and start fundraising campaigns for your wildlife projects. Doing anyone of these will definitely add invaluable content to the community and make it even more attractive to potential new members. And do not forget to use the forums, which is definitely a place that needs some attention. A thriving forum can be very attractive to newcomers, and could be a great place to get answers to your questions. I will do my best to answer some of them myself.

Be sure to also check out some of my personal favorites, such as the adding and sharing of wildlife observations (sightings) and working on your species lists (global and national). When it comes to adding species observations I will be paying a bit more attention, so please read the ToS before adding your first observation. Adding species information is fun, and we can learn a lot from it, but wildlife can be vulnerable and not all people have the best of intentions, so be careful and take note of suspicious activity! The more people add safe and sensible wildlife observations, the more it can be used in conservation!

There are even more things to do, but I leave that up to you to figure out. Need a bit of mystery now don’t we?

To those that owns a business connected to wildlife, conservation and/or tourism

One of my favorite additions to this site is the potential of finding tour operators, accommodation and protected areas through the Travel Directory. I have spent a lot of time creating great options and filters so that members can find exactly what they want. Think of it as a TripAdvisor tailor-made for ecotourism and conservation.

However, this addition is useless when there are no businesses registered for people to find. If we can grow the catalogue of businesses, then it will surely be very attractive to users, and when the number of members increase and more people use the site, it will, without a doubt, also be invaluable to the businesses themselves. So, to anyone who owns a business that fits the criteria, check out the business membership option.

There is a monthly payment plan with a small fee, but I promise NOT to take any payment before this website has enough active members to be of any value to any business. Right now, the most important thing is to get more businesses in to increase the catalogue, and when time comes, hopefully any business will be happy to pay the small monthly fee.

Want to be part of the team?

As previously stated, this is and has been a one-man project so far. However, I definitely need some help in running this place. It might not be critical now, but it will be at some point. Anyone who joins me in creating and developing this community will also help make sure that all the content I plan to add will be added a lot faster then what it will be on my own.

Depending on background, skills and expertise you can join the team in various positions. You can help add content and become an editor and content creator, or if you are technically skilled (more skilled than me, which doesn’t take much) and filled with great ideas to develop this community further, we might talk partnerships and admin privileges.

Bear in mind that I am not earning a cent on this community at the moment, so I can’t pay anyone for the work they would do. It will all be on a voluntary basis. Things might change down the line, of course, and if all goes well who knows what can happen?

A few final words

Lastly I want to thank you for taking your time to read this and for your interest in Wild World Community, and if you are already a member: Thanks a lot for being a part of this project!

I hope to see you soon on the inside!

All the best,

Håvard Rosenlund, CEO of Wild World Community


Whatever it is, let us hear from you! We're always ready to answer your questions!


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